Irene Lusztig

The Worry Box Project is an ongoing web based and archived participatory video project. It starts looking very creepy but once I started exploring and participating I felt the humanity of the work and the understanding of many who participated. In fact it was in some ways comforting.

worry box project


The Motherhood Archives is based on archived and discarded media such as training/educational films that Irene Lusztig collected over a period of several years.

It has a sense of the unreal to it it has been described as like a science fiction, aided by the sound work of Maile Colbert and the formality of the times that the footage was created in. I could relate the feelings I had watching the various excerpts with feelings I had especially during my first pregnancy even though the approach was different. Its as if childbirth isn’t very natural anymore, not in terms of how we go through labor and birthing, but in that we aren’t expected to know what we are doing and we need to learn so much from the experts.

I got a good enough sense of what I think the body of work is about from the clips loaded onto the vimeo channel by konsomol films, there are a few clips there. Also by reading the article on Sounding Out, sound studies blog.


the motherhood archives (trailer) from komsomol films on Vimeo.


milk bottles (excerpt from THE MOTHERHOOD ARCHIVES) from komsomol films on Vimeo.


twilight sleep (excerpt from THE MOTHERHOOD ARCHIVES) from komsomol films on Vimeo.


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