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I have a group project which will be interesting. How to work collaboratively for assessment (I either want to get started and back off and let others run with their idea, encouraging them to work together of course, or I want to go off on my own and do it myself). My key point here is for assessment, if we HAD to do it, as in real world life death rent electricity kids on the street (and why do we have to be so reliant on the rent and electricity) – I’d do it easily, for the hell of it I’d do it easily. For assessment its different – maybe a good thing I got out of teaching.

I like the people I am working with, but it would be a hell of a lot more comfortable helping them out with this bit or asking them to help out with that bit. I am craving discussion/input but not collaboration, and I think I am worried that we will squash ourselves so as not to squash each other.

This sharing is divergent to the point of this blog journal because its not particularly critical or analytic of anything but my way of working; but, relevant in the sense of my need for privacy yet wanting to create art that will be seen. I can’t hope to reflect some things without the self disclosure.

So to break down to what I am thinking right now (and this will be a long post because I’ll just put some of the  working of the project onto this post i think)

The thought we had were on surveillance and I guess conditioning with an example on consumerism although that may get too preachy

The technique we must employ at some point is green-screen, or keying

This is my submission into a group project of three people for our new media elective. I have seen one of the other submissions but not the third one yet so it will be interesting to see how they work together. The general focus is surveillance, with one looking at all of our online activity making us basically a data point and no more in the grand scheme of things, one about the spectacle of consumerism and mine on the two edge sword of monitoring those close to us.

In the lead up to finally deciding on the direction I took, I was interested by the way that artists interperate data into a visual form and was looking at layering images to uncover more data or codes underneath and seeing if they distort the message above and even make the whole thing a fairytale. I lost the momentum on that as a group project was not headed in that direction but it is still something I would like to look at under my own steam after this course.

toilet map

Above: I was playing with stills that I lifted from the net as an example of things to start with in terms of a ready made to get an idea across to the group. Including work by Mike Perry & Alexander Bettler plus images from Data Flow 2 & clip art. Again not to rip off but as a quicker way to get an idea flowing but local posters and espescially government sponsored graphical representations would work well, keying out further sections as I went and then obviously depending on the colours I used to key that decision would impact any information in layers that were further underlying which shared the colour. This worked alright in conjunction with screen captures of scrolls with google maps & google earth, for example I did one down Gawler Place in town, choosing different sections to show through but it would have needed another tie and was moving away from the group focus and not a lot of communication so I worked on the idea in case but am not putting it forward. Further paths could be available by filming a toy car or any wind up toy painted a block colour & then keyed. This was probably moving away from surveillance & into manipulation & maybe even propaganda by extrapolation. One of the influences over this idea was the photograph of the female French Revolutionaries of the Paris Commune where images were taken individually and composited as well as manipulated to give an effect that looked true enough to use as a propaganda piece. It worked both for and against the purpose.

paris commune

This was an attempt to use some footage provided of a girl moving the card over herself which I could then key, it was not terribly compelling and because of the similarities in colours worn by the girl to the card it was limiting and the clip was shot on an iPhone and quite grainy. I then tried the shot below which I put into the one below that, but its small and boring.

The final shots used were much clearer and the green gloves were removed which was helpful but I didnt have access to those. I also felt after the last lecture when I saw the new clips that they were best used as one aspect of the piece as standing alone what the artist did was a statement in itself as a singular piece.

There is a current Crime Stoppers campaign, very catchy, that encourages us to put the number in our phone so we can report anonymously anything we think is unusual around our day to day travels. For example we may see a few dogs sniffing at a garbage bin, or someone has a dramatic car upgrade, all things that may seem a little quirky or odd are possible signs of criminal activity that we can call in and report on. Of course this active monitoring activity also seems to align with patriotism and suspicion and it can be good readiness for fights against x, y & z.

With the thought of surveillance brought within our own sphere of influence I ended up working on  a family piece I had initially withheld because I thought it was too personal against what was a more stylised representation, but was still an important aspect to me of surveillance. That is the monitoring of those close to you for better or worse, and the possible aspects that can effect its interpretation. The final piece shifts the perspective due to slight variations in the image due to overlays, sections of colour or close ups etc. along with the lack of awareness of the kids and questions of motivations of whoever is watching.

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