technically the course is over, but I want to learn more… so CJ you do not have to read this or newer posts. A kickstarter campaing peaked my interest about the useby date of new media due to technology adevances

On first look these have quite a beautiful mix of capturing comic book appeal and a gentle but proactive message. The main reason I am interested in this as far as posting a blog goes (because obviously Kickstarter & Rhyzome have the promotion and analysis) is the way platforms and systems change and that can leave much of this type of work becoming snapshots in time. In this instance there is a project to get the work in an ongoing online form. Perhaps in other cases there are travelling museum exhibits with the hardware and software set ups to showcase work like was at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney early this year. Putting some of the games I played a bit over a decade ago ago in a quaint history. The art would be similar.

I think it is great that there is a push to make these cd’s freely available online. I also like that there needs to be so much effort to do this because of how digital & new media art sits in the way art is absorbed by society. It is interesting because you don’t fully need to be in the know to see how these platforms reflect a body of work and their relevance and systems of getting there.

This is one of the things I enjoy about this type of work. That it is for a moment in time. It can’t be precious regardless of how pivotal it may be. To me the work is a stepping stone to the next. It gives it a similar process to science. Many discoveries are amazing and seen at the time but ultimately referred to as research benchmarks until the next takes over fully.

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