Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Theory of Everything

This was shot so well, I loved the clear lighting in every scene it just suited the movie so well and gave it a pure focus on the story. I don’t think the trailer does justice to the film because it makes it seem like a tear jerker & its not but its better than nothing.

The Daily You

Just reading the book The Daily You got me pondering if in some perverse way the ad-ware that hijacks our devices might be doing us a favour in helping us understand the concepts of media buying and data surveillance and the targeted steering we have.
Yes its an obvious “you lose” but so is being attractively steered along a specific pathway without even contemplating there are alternate answers/products/discounts out there because this is where my data and that of my connections sit.
So after spending a couple of days cleaning up my sons PC, still having Chrome go South half the time on my tablet, and a phone that needs rooting again, I don’t mind the possibilities this is showing me.
I hate you snapdo etc but thanks for the metaphor.


by the way this is not an ad I’m just jotting a few ideas as I go to build up my surveillance concept.